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Admission process in GMHS is placed as per the accademic calender of Maharastra Board.

School Timings

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We are equipped with all sports necessities, to motivate and train our students in the field of sports and athletics.

History of Our School

Established in 1987 by the founder President Mr. M.S.Mani and the founder Secretary Mr. John S. Chelladurai, Gandhi Memorial Education society began as tuition classes. Soon the duo shaped and nurtured the tuition classes into a full-fledged academic institution to go under the name and style of Gandhi Memorial English Primary School in 1988, with the support of many philanthropists. Realizing that the schooling years are the most important period of an individual’s life, the two founders aided by the philanthropists decided to create a balanced environment for the underprivileged children to develop their overall personality, leading to their proper academic growth


Why Choose Us


Students First

At Gandhi Memorial High School we follow the Principle of Students First, and we have built our system around this Principle.

Qualified Teachers

One of the key pillers of our Education system are our well qualified, trained and equiped teachers to guide and train our students.

School Result

We have been able to help our student attain academic target successfully in all these years and will keep doing the same.